Leather dirt cleaning up methods
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Leather dirt cleaning up methods
Click:3803 Date:2008-11-18 15:08:12

Leather dirt cleaning up method:

1.       Grease; Scratches the talcum powder inside and outside the fat leather, after treats 24 hour talcum powder absorption fat, using linings cleans cleanly inside and outside nearby leather.

2.       Bloodstain; Cleaning up the bloodstain with a cloth color of which is the same as the your leather products ,but the cloth should be Stained with alkaline solution.

3.       Wrinkle;  The slight wrinkle or the lines on face, using the moist steam iron to iron , We must always remember that it must first be used to clean the surface of the lace to hot parts of the body, cannot be directly ironing!

4.       Rain print; natural air-dried, gently wipe with a clean cloth.

5.       Pen marks; using a clean cloth with a little alcohol graze outside to clean the leather , not too much alcohol, to avoid leaving traces.


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